martedì 22 dicembre 2009

I Califfi - Cobra

A strong and hard rock song to celebrate Christmas time. Seldom seen around this 45 belongs to the second period of I Califfi, same band who made the progressive cult album called Fiori Di Metallo (with a different line up). Good guitar work by Paolo Tofani who joined later the jazzy experimental band AreA. Alberto Baldan Bembo arrangements. Click on the artist name to hear.

Forte pezzo hard rock per celebrare il Natale. Raramente visto in giro questo 45 appartiene al secondo periodo dei Califfi, stessa band che fece l'album culto progressive Fiori di Metallo (con una diversa formazione). Buon lavoro chitarristico di Paolo Tofani che poco più tardi si sarebbe unito alla band sperimentale degli AreA. Arrangiamento di Alberto Baldan Bembo. Cliccare sul nome degli artisti per ascoltarli.

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  1. delicious! thank you very much I have searched for this record for ages..., could you put also " Ragazzi tocca a noi"?

  2. Hi
    Glad you love it.
    Ragazzi Tocca a Noi....It's terrible...are you really interested? It's a bubble gum music of the most stupid type...:-)

  3. Hi again, "Ragazzi...." is really not so nice as "Cobra", but completely impossible to obtain, especialy in Poland, where I live. I Califfi is a special group for me. in 1978, when I was 14 years old I got a tape from my friend. It was Basf C90 recorded probably in 1971 cause all records were from that time. There were four unusual Italian songs among them. I could not identify the group before internet times. After many years I tried to find my favourite Italian songs. I cannot speak Italian, so it took some time, I had put into Google some words I remembered, so eventualy I discovered "Lola bella mia" and the most important - name of the group. Besides this record there were: "Ragazzi...". "Cobra" and one unknown Italian song, I am not sure if performed by I Califfi. I remember only melody of that. I try to reconstruct all the songs from my old tape saving the original position. I miss only two; "Ragazzi.." and the unknown song, maybe you would help me to find it's name. I can only play melody on keyboard and send in mp3 format if you agree. And that,s the reason I miss "Ragazzi tocca a noi" although I think, the brass ensemble is nice in this record.

  4. Beautiful story, many thanks. Well, I didn' t understand it was a track so "important" to you. In this case I would be very available to put also Ragazzi. I will do it tomorrow I think.
    With regard to the missing title song it will be a pleasure for me to try to guess which song is. I wait for a sample and I hope to help you to reconstruct the old tape. Best regards from Rome or Rzym as you say in Polish :-)

  5. Hi
    here is Ragazzi in mp3. Unfortunately the record is not so good and the quality of the sound is mediocre. Anyway, I hope it will be good for you.
    Best regards.

  6. Thank you Simone, the song is fantastic,nice connection of brass and guiar sound, bubble gum, but professional level - briliant.The list of songs from the tape and missing unknown song on mp3 I will e-mail You. Best regards from snowy and frosty Poland.

  7. Hello after 2 years:) Simone, the last song i search (i wrote about it above) is "Lei non ti tradirebbe mai" I will try to buy it on Amazone but i am not sure if amazon service is aviable in Poland. Best regards from Gdansk/Poland.